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Dossier ATEX

ATEX Directive, Amendments of ATEX Directive

ATEX Italian Legislation:
DPR 23/3/1998 n. 126
DM 31/5/2001
DM 4/4/2002
DM 30/9/2002
DM 21/03/2005
DI 27/1/2006



New Machine Directive    more

Technical guide of WEEE Directive


D.Lgs. 626/94
Updates with all the latests amendments

Decreto R.S.P.P.
D.Lgs. 23/6/2003, n. 195



Sicurezzaonline.it is the most important Italian web site about Safety and Health at Work. Born in 1999 it has reached a huge visibility in all main search engines for the quality of the large amount of information published every day.
At present, Sicurezzaonline.it is at the first place in the world for word “sicurezza” (=''safety'' in Italian language) in the main search engines like www.google.it.
Moreover, there are thousands of institutional web sites that indicates Sicurezzaonline.it as a the referring site for Safety and Health at Work in Italy.
Since November 2005, our portal has been reported also by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work of Bilbao (Spain) as the only private portal among the 7 referring internet sites for Italy.
Sicurezzaonline.it is particulary interesting for Employers, Responsible of Protective and Preventive Services of medium and big enterprises, Responsabile for Safety in construction, Consultants and all those who are involved with safety at all levels in public or privates factories.


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If you need more than these ones, we can develop a new project and set it in our network of these three web sites: 
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Once the company has focused on the areas of interest, our staff is ready to suggest the best solutions to get the highest visibility at both national and international levels.

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