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Sicurezzaonline, as well as the eventual suppliers of information, comments and editorial contents, disclaim all responsibility regarding reliability and accuracy of advertising, information and given data, contained or suggested in the form of links or downloaded as files from among the services offered by the site.

Sicurezzaonline disclaims all responsibility about quality and accuracy of information put at the users’ disposal through the Service in the form of news, results of research or of advertising. Consequently the user accepts using the data and information suggested at his own risk.

Sicurezzaonline cannot be considered responsible for mistakes or delays in the publication of data.

Sicurezzaonline reserves the right to improve or correct errors or omissions within its Service at any time and without warning.

The service and its contents are provided by Sicurezzaonline and its suppliers of information exactly how they appear and for information only.

Sicurezzaonline gives no guarantee implied or expressed in relation to the information contained in the service.

Sicurezzaonline cannot be held responsible by users or anybody else, either for possible inaccuracies, errors or omissions contained in its information, independently from their cause, or for damages (direct, indirect, consequent, punishable and sanctionable) caused by them.

Sicurezzaonline does NOT operate any control on the linked sites or on those that ask to be linked nor
on the material published directly by guests who use spaces free of charge on the server.

Whoever considers themselves in some way damaged by the presence of links on their own site, can ask for the removal of the links or for their modification with a simple e-mail to:info@sicurezzaonline.it

Guests’ pages can be updated without any control from Sicurezzaonline, which limits itself to putting at their disposal a physical space on the net, free of charge, and therefore cannot be in anyway considered responsible for the contents of those pages.

The Forum is not subject to any preventive control and so every participant shoulders the full responsibility for the messages published.

Sicurezzaonline, in cooperation with experts, offers in many different subjects relative to safety and hygiene in the work place, exclusively and free of charge to its subscribers, the service of advice “on line” and the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

With this service Sicurezzaonline means to meet the growing need of information and analysis necessary for firms to comply with the many provisions of the law in force.

The answers given by our advisers have the aim to widen the information at the disposal of users but have neither legal value nor value of proof during a trial and therefore are not binding on Safety online in any way.
Users are authorized, strictly for their own personal use, to save, to record, to print and to show the information and the data obtained through the service. In no circumstances is the user allowed to publish, re-transmit, re-distribute or to reproduce in any other way any information in any form to third parties

The use of data or information within an economic or business activity is not allowed.

Sicurezzaonline does not hold any rights on the messages published in the forum or on the guests’ pages who use the space on the server free of charge.
This also excludes any responsibility, direct or indirect, of Sicurezzaonline for the contents of these pages.

With its contents and services Sicurezzaonline means to meet the growing need of information and analysis necessary for firms to comply with the many provisions of the law in force.

The portal www.sicurezzaonline.it is therefore a product exclusively intended as business information for the public.

The site is updated only when there is some news to be made known to visitors and it cannot therefore be considered either as a periodical or as an “editorial” product, being free of charge in all its information and updating.

"Sicurezzaonline"  is a registred trademark and is protected by Italian and International laws


Regulation of the forum


Given the spontaneity of this forum and the fact of not undergoing any filter or previous controls, it is impossible for us to control the messages or to confirm the validity of the information contained.

Please remember that we cannot always control the contents of the messages and therefore that we are not responsible for those published. We do not guarantee accuracy, completeness nor usefulness of the messages and we are not responsible for the contents nor the form of those same messages. Messages express the point of view of the author of the message, not necessarily the opinions of the forum nor of any entity associated with the forum itself. The authors of the messages may have a specific interest connected to the subjects of the debate.

Anybody who finds a message which is unacceptable or subject to criticism is invited to contact us immediately through electronic post at the address info@sicurezzaonline.it 
We can delete such messages and will do so within a reasonable time, once are established the existence of the conditions to do it. As the method of cancellation is manual, please bear in mind that we will not be able to change or delete certain messages immediately.

The user accepts, by using this service, no to exploit this forum to spread any material that can be false and/or defamatory, wrong, insulting, vulgar, detestable, molesting, obscene, profane, sexually explicit, menacing, damaging people’s privacy or otherwise illegal.

The user accepts not to publish any type of material protected by copyright, unless the copyright belongs to him directly. Although this forum is not able to check the messages published and is not responsible for the contents of the messages, we reserve the right to cancel any message at our discretion.
The user remains solely responsible for the contents of their messages and accepts to indemnify and to take any responsibility from the forum, Sicurezzaonline.it that includes the forum, its representatives and moderators of the forum, for any complaint stemming from the transmission and publication of those messages.

We reserve the right to reveal the identity of the users (or any information we have about them) in the event of a denunciation or of legal action stemming from any message spread by the users themselves.

Advertisements, insertion, publicity, personal messages of complaint, messages directed to the administrator of the site, chain letters, pyramid-structured initiatives or multilevel systems are completely out of place on this forum.




Sicurezzaonline.it disclaims all responsibility for the contents of advertising banners and of any relative publicity links concerning the connection of our portal to circuits of banners exchange (e.g. Link Exchange, Aruba Scambio Banner, Baph Italia, …) being unable to control the subjects dealt by our site, the images and the contents, if only indirectly though the subscription to the circuit in relevant sections.


Privacy Policy, D.Lgs. 196/03


The compulsory data collected to run the forums of Sicurezzaonline, concerning those who want to register (you are reminded that registration is optional) is limited only to the e-mail address given by the subscribers.
Being the data intended for personal use required for the running of an index meant not to be spread this data is not subject to the D.Lgs. 193/03.
This data can be deleted from the file of registered users at the request of the person concerned.


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